Learn Vietnamese with Bánh Rế

Bánh rế is a Vietnamese street food made from sweet potatoes. The sweet potato is made into a pancake, deep-fried, then sugared. If you are studying Vietnamese in Hochiminh City , pay a visit to Phan Thiet, as it is a root of this type of street food. It is called bánh rế because it looks like one of the trivets made from bamboo that areused in rural areas. The pancake is usually red, but its ingredients can be changed to manioc to create a yellow color.

The cake has a very special flavor. It is a blend, a mixture of tightly mingled flavors: the fattiness of the cooking oil, the sweetness of honey sugar and the crispness of the cake itself. A delicou sbánh rế must be crispy, not splintering and especially not too sweet.

banh re

Source: http://vlstudies.com/vn/news–events/learn-vietnamese-online/learn-vietnamese-with-banh-re/710/1


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