Top 5 places to visit in Vietnam – Ha Long Bay

Known as one of the most popular locations in Vietnam, Hạlong Bay is an attractive place to visit even for Vietnamese. Situated in the Gulf of Tonkin in the North East region of Vietnam, Halong bay is made up of more than 2,000 islands of various sizes. The name “Halong” literally translates as “descending dragon”, and legends are told about a dragon from the mountains which flew into the sea, laying waste to everything in its path, carving out valleys and crevices. As it plunged into the great sea, a massive amount of debris fell into the sea along with it, creating the thousands of small islands that we see today

This mystical landscape, designated as a World Heritage site in 1994, is dotted with grottoes that are eroded by wind and waves. Combined with emerald colored water, this lovely place looks just like a geographical artwork.

When visiting Halong Bay, tourists can go on boat tours and enjoy a day travelling around to admire the beauty of the islands and the sea.

For those who prefer a relaxing way to spend time, you can enjoy the various beaches and resorts in the area.

As the number one attraction in the northeast, Halong Bay has become a lively place all year round. The best time to visit Halong Bay is from January to March, as the weather is often cool and drizzly. In addition, the fog that comes with the season may reduce visibility, but it adds a certain mysterious vibe to the scenery.

Be mindful about booking a tour to Halong Bay from May to September though, as tropical storms are frequent in that time of the year.

VLS Team




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