Vietnam Traditional Martial art

Vietnam traditional martial art refers to the martial art that evolved throughout the history of Vietnamese people, through generations, forming special moves and fighting techniques. With this martial art, Vietnamese has built the country, expanding and protecting it during the course of Vietnamese history. Nowadays, Vietnamese traditional art is very popular in Europe, especially Paris, where there are many people of Vietnamese descent. They are trying to spread this art by either teaching or performing, so more people will know about it.

Bình Định martial art, a branch of Vietnam martial art

Some of Vietnam martial weapons are:

  1. Côn (Roi)or Bow staff
  2. Kiếm or straight sword
  3. Dao which can be up to three different types which are “đơn đao” or broad sword, “song đao” or dual miniature broad sword and “đại đao” or miniature broad sword on a staff which should not to be confused with Chinese Kwan Dao.
  4. Thương or Pointed Spear
  5. Giáo or Wide Tip Spear
  6. Kích or Crescent blade staff
  7. Xích or Chain Whip
  8. Xà mâu or Serpant Cane
  9. Đinh ba or Pitch Fork/ Tiger Fork
  10. Bừa cào or rake

Uniform can be varies in each schools with some practicing in all-black garment or garments in red and yellow that symbolizes the Vietnam’s flag. Sashes are worn on the left side for male practitioners and on the right side for female practitioners.

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