Learning Vietnamese – Thuyền Thúng

Along more than 3000km long of Vietnam coastline, fishermen still use a very unique vessel for one or two people called Vietnam Coracle (or people learning Vietnamese may call it “Thuyền thúng”) .This fishing vessel has a long history,  and people who learn to make Thuyền thúng must be experienced, with a strong hand and technically gifted. Not many people can use this boat and even if they can, they need time to be trained, due to its unique, conical shape.

Thuyền thúng are mostly used by fishermen from Đà Nẵng to Middle-South Vietnam. Different areas use the boat differently. Some use thuyền thúng to catch octopus, and everytime they go to sea, they drag from 8 to 10 boats with them. Some even use Thuyền thúng as a shop on rivers to supply food for fishermen before they set sail.

Thuyền thúng are also used to compete in contests, festivals for fishermen in the fishing village every year.


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