Douhou (tofu)

Douhua, or tofu pudding, is a soft snack made from soybeans. It is one of the favorite “snacks” in many Asian countries. In China, there are some places where they eat rice with Douhua.

People in the South, especially in Saigon, often call it  just“tofu”  or“sugar tofu”. Different from the North, tofu in the South is denser, and can be served with coconut milk and hot sugar water, plus a little ginger .Tofu pudding is often sold on trolleys by women wandering the alleyways in Saigon. Sometimes tofu is sold with banana or tea. A seller usually has small cup of tofu pudding to serve to customers who want to eat immediately, or she can put it in a small bag so they can take it home. In Saigon, tofu puddingis available through out the year, and has become one of the most popular dishes in Vietnam.



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