Chùa Hương Việt Nam

Chùa Hương( or Hương Sơn) is a way of speaking when mentioning about a group of Vietnam tradition or religious. It includes dozens of Buddhist temples, some god temples and churches. Chùa Hương Center is located in Hương Sơn Ward, Mỹ Đức district, Hà Nội, near sông Đáy riverside. Chùa Hương was built in the late 17 century, then destroyed in the war against France in 1947, and then restored in 1988.

Every year at the beginning of the first month of the lunar calender, people all over Vietnam get together for the Chùa Hương festival, to worship, prayand also admire the beauty of this magnificient scenery.

In order to go to Chùa Hương, you have to travel by boat for about 1 hour on the Yến river.

Before getting into chùa Trong, tourists will pass by chùa Thiên Trù. Located in the center of a sacred mountain, this temple has a majestic and ancient beauty.

From chùa Thiên Trù to chùa Trong, you will encounter numerous roadside stores that sell gold or silver branches, coins or buds… for praying for luck.

There are 2 ways to enter chùa Trong, either on foot  or by telepheric. From above, you can feel the fresh air blows out from into the cave.


Many touriststry to catch drops of water from the stone because they think that they are the god’s tears and believe that they will be healthier next year

Tourists who come to chùaHương at this time of the year can have an opportunity to see red rice flowers bloom, creating a romantic scene on theYến river.

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