🚌 Vietnamese culture: How to travel around Saigon by bus


In any tourist destination, traveling by bus is typically a wise choice. Of course, each place has its own way to travel by bus, Saigon included. Here are some tips for people living as well as learning Vietnamese in Ho Chi Minh City to easily travel in Saigon by bus.

1. “Waving hand” trick to catch a bus

In many other countries around the world (or even in most cities in Vietnam), buses stick to their route and all you have to do is wait for them at the stop where you want to depart. In Saigon, things are different. You not only have to wait at the correct bus stop but also “wave” your hand to catch them. If not, they won’t stop to pick you up.
Many tourists don’t know this trick, and have to wait for a long time at the bus stops. Therefore, memorize this tip. It’ll be useful.

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